Dominate your enemies. Defend your honour. Expand your empire. Earn real rewards. Lucid Lands is an NFT-enabled, play to earn game on the Binance Smart Chain network. Build, defend and explore an immersive 3D world, and earn extra rewards with 2D mini-games and collectible NFT heroes and pets. With farming and staking, your heroes can earn you passive rewards!


Region: ISO 998

Cold, calculated, and incredibly resourceful, KEO502 was abandoned as a child in the cold streets of ISO 998. From scrapyards to skyscrapers, he rose to become the richest man in the city and transformed ISO 998 into a modern hub for industry and innovation. From there he has built his vast machine empire with which he rules the entire kingdom. Don’t be fooled by the glamorous displays of philanthropy - as unforgiving as the streets that raised him, KEO502 is a force to be reckoned with.



NFT Staking

Stake Lucid Lands Hero NFT to gain LLG tokens

NFT Marketplace

Buy or Sell 3-D Heroes NFT and 2-D Pets collective NFT on Lucid Lands’ decentralized NFT open market.

Play To Earn

Defeat the invader or Attack other player base to win valuable items and LLG tokens.




3% of every transactions will be used for Game Development.


2% of every sell will be added to liquidity to create an ever-increasing price floor.


3% of every transactions will be used for Marketing.

Development Roadmap
  • August - September 2021

    Graphic Design
    Game Design
    Private Presale

  • October 2021

    Website launch
    100+ Influencers On-Board
    Game Trailer

  • November 2021

    Pre-Launch Marketing Collaborations
    Public Presale
    Website Upgrade
    1st Unique Collectible NFT Drop
    PancakeSwap V2 Listing
    Dapp Launch
    3D-Animated Heroes NFT Sale
    Gaming NFT Marketplace Launch
    NFT Staking Launch
    Post-Launch Marketing Campaigns
    Social Media Growth
    Regional Communities Growth

  • Early Q1 2022

    Test Beta Launch
    Certik Audit
    Design more characters
    More Marketing Campaigns
    Social Media Growth
    Regional Communities Growth
    Major Exchanges Listing

  • More to come


Lucid Lands is the first decentralized NFT play-to-earn game on BSC network that integrates both 3D-animated gaming NFT and 2D unique computer-generated collective NFT marketplace. Each unique NFT Heroes will hold its intrinsic value complimenting the rarity, which can be traded in the marketplace. These Collectibles are utilized in the game which will aggregate the floor price according to its attributes and activity.
Lucid Lands is the first decentralized NFT P2E Game on BSC network by TTM Gaming Team. We aim to bring about one of the best blockchain games that offers users a rich gaming experience along with multiple opportunities to earn money and rewards.
There are 2 types of Lucid Lands' NFT: 3-D animated Hero NFT and 2-D nonanimated Pet Collective NFT (5000 pieces). You should buy Lucid Lands' NFT to upgrade the visual of the characters in game.
You can buy Lucid Lands' NFT, either the Hero NFT or the Pet NFT, on Lucid Lands' decentralized NFT open market by purchasing LLG
Step 1: Go to Pancakeswap page with LLG token address.
Note: Please make sure you purchase on/buy from our official token address. Be careful with the scam, we have only 1 official token address

Step 2: Connect your wallet (Metamask/Trustwallet) to pancakeswap.

Step 3: Click “Select a currency” in the [From] field and select the token you want to use to buy LLG token. You can use any token supported by Pancake to buy LLG token.

Step 4: Input the amount of [From] token. For example, I use 20 BNB to buy LLG token , so i input 20 BNB in [From] field
Note: Due to the price impact, you may need to raise the “slippage tolerance”.

Step 5: If you have not used BNB to buy LLG before, you need to approve it by clicking on the [Approve] button and then confirm the transaction on your wallet

Step 6: Click [Swap] button then Confirm on your wallet

Step 7 : Wait for tx to be completed... And Done, you have successfully bought LLG tokens! Congratulations!
8% Tax on All Transactions.
9-10% Slippage to trade LLG on Pancakeswap